One Word Sunday Challenge-Circle

Debbie over at Travel With Intent blog has a One Word Sunday Challenge and her topic this week is Circle.

4 Circles in One

Onion rings, hamburger patty, tomato slices, round plate

Dinner Plate Hibiscus

My own native Hibiscus

Three Things Challenge & Word of the Day

I personally like the idea of combining these two challenges into one post, call me lazy, but it saves time and I haven’t had much lately.

Heres my attempt for the two today, sorry they’re late:

Photo credit: Unsplash

The Feisty One

Feeling fresh as a daisy

Sly as a fox

A wolf in sheep’s clothing

She can’t be put in a box

This grandmother ain’t the same as all others

Bred from wild stock, her tribe in two moieties,

Raised by many great mothers

Her nickname’s the ‘breeze’

Like a dirvish, a tornado,

She’ll work circles around you

She’s feisty and fit, no one can compare

Put her in a rocker, don’t you even dare!





Word Of The Day-Flourish

Good morning everyone! Today’s word of the day, brought to you buy Thriving Not Surviving, is flourish. Have fun with it!

Here is my attempt:

Photo credit: Unsplash

Down at the local sno-cone shop, the summer flowers Alice had planted flourished in the sunshine. She was trying to brighten the place up as to attract more buyers during the busy season. She should be worried, since running low on tiger’s blood, and coconut flavored syrup sent all her customers running for the DQ, where they could get a tasty ice cream cone instead of the usual slurpee-type fare.

This story featured the Word of the Day and the 3TC words as well.