She Sells Sanctuary

Velizar Ivanov for Unsplash

As she dances free in her private sanctuary

She thinks about her share with the world

Her only desire, to spread happiness and health

Using tasty drinks that shrink your girth

Makes you dance and want to move

Eat less, focus, gain some wealth

She herself experiencing better health

Shares with the world in her special way 🙂



Check out my link if you are interested in trying it for yourself!


So Little Time


Photo credit: Jon Tyson for Unsplash

Good morning everyone, and how are you on this rainy, yet pleasant day? I am happy because the issue of Therapeutic Thymes with my newest article arrived yesterday! It is exciting to see your name listed as a contributor and in the bios of a print magazine. (Subscriptions are available for $15 for 4 issues through their website)

Online writing is great as well, and my articles in VitaBella Magazine paid the same amount, yet there is just something about holding a book or magazine that feels especially satisfying. 🙂

Rainy days are good for writing, so I’m hoping to be super productive today, yet my brain is all over the place and I could be easily distracted 😉  Like, I know there is an unfinished Diamond Art painting that I could be working on, while listening to my current audiobook, 16th Seduction by James Patterson.

I also did not sleep well, so there could be a nap in my future…Oh who am I kidding, that will never happen! Rain just makes me wish I could have stayed in bed a little longer, I feel cheated somehow. 🙂

Had the 2nd half of my sample today

Anyway, I have some focus music on, I have had my ketones, coffee, and breakfast, so I’m about to kick it into high gear…wish me luck everyone, so much to do and so little time!!! Must write a new article, plan for Bunco this weekend, housework, and promote my new business! A woman’s work is never done as they say! Happy Tuesday everyone!


Word of the Day Challenge
Katie Moum for Unsplash

The brain fog I used to experience is gone, now I have focus and clarity, energy and ideas! The world is brimming with new possibilities, and I’m here to Pruvit every day!!

Thank goodness I found these exogenous ketones, y’all! I have so much energy and this morning I am starting my day with the Unleashed flavor (Blue Ocean) which is like ketones on steroids, hahahaha!! I have a list of things to do and not much time to get them done!

I’m hosting Bunco this weekend, so there is planning and shopping to be done for that. My theme is “Tea Time” so any ideas would be welcomed!

I have meal prep and cooking to do, writing, appointments, possibly working a shift. I can’t afford to have low energy and brain fog!

I hope you all have a fantabulous Monday, if anyone wants to know more about the products I’m drinking to enhance my keto lifestyle, send an email or private message and I will be happy to explain them to you!

A Second Published Article, Yall!

Good morning everyone! I am very excited to share the news with you that I now have a second published article in Therapeutic Thymes, and a paid one at that! I may have just found some steady work! They want me to send another for the upcoming Fall and/or Winter Issues! Each one I’ve done so far has earned $50, so that is very nice. 🙂

My first article is in this one

My first article was on Helichrysum essential oil and how it works for tinnitus, and my second one was for grapefruit essential oil and it’s benefits. It will be in the Summer Issue if anyone is interested in seeing that. I think you can order issues on the website. 🙂

As some of you may know who follow me on my other blog, Keto for Beginners, I started a new supplement yesterday called Keto//OS from Pruvit. I’m happy to report that I have tons of energy and the drink mix tasted fabulous. There was also a Crème powder to add to my coffee, with MCT oil and other healthy ingredients, It also tasted yummy! I can’t wait to see my results after the first week, I took pics so I can measure my progress and my goal is to lose at least 10 pounds and firm up for summer! (Sorry, I won’t be sharing the pics, they are only for the private group I’m in…besides, nobody wants to see that, lol!)

Keto//os supplement drink mixes from Pruvit

Also, I forgot to mention in my blog yesterday about things I got for Mother’s Day, my son’s girlfriend Becky brought me a nice bottle of champagne and my sister-in-law Connie brought me a lovely Oriental Lily with tons of buds on it! They will have beautiful pink blooms, I can’t wait to get it planted in a proper pot!

I would like to ask a favor from you all. My friend Stephanie has lost another caregiver due to health issues so if everyone could please pray she finds a new full-time caregiver soon?!

Also a friend from the Cancer Center where I used to work lost his wife yesterday, pray he finds peace and comfort during this difficult time.

Thanks in advance and I hope you all have a blessed day!