Can you be any more archaic

How about outdated?

This ancient way of communicating

has become so passé.

Well, it may have been old fashioned

in fact quite antiquated,

But at least when we answered it

A voice was heard from days gone by

Now with modern methods, that’s been rendered obsolete.



Cee’s Black And White Photo Challenge-Words That End In “Ock”

Ok, I have to preface this with how perfect the timI guess of this Challenge was. I had just found this in my freezer and found it so funny that I took a pic and sent it to my husband….while he was at work! 

I apologize if it offends anyone, after all, it is just an ice formation.

“Cock” shaped ice formation

(Cee I give you full permission to remove this if it is too racy.)


Why Won’t The Birds Come?

Why the birds still won’t come to my new feeder is a complete mystery to me!

I have tried everything from sprinkling birdseed under the feeder, to changing the location of the feeder from the backyard to the front, to adding a bird bath close by.

Bird bath, feeder, and plant in their new location

What gives? Is it the design? Maybe the lizards on the feeder scare them off! I don’t know, yet I am so frustrated. I sit in the dining room, typing at the table and I glance outside to hopefully catch a glance of the birds, either enjoying a bath or a tasty treat. So far, nothing. The closest I have seen is a blue jay attached himself to the legs of the birdbath for a quick sec, then hopped off.

I would really appreciate some advice. I even changed the plant I had out there from a begonia to a beautiful bougainvillea. Still nothing yet.

In other news, I kind of tackled a new project and I thought it would rain last night so I could see how well it worked…alas, no rain came. That’s the thing about living here in Texas, you just never know. Anyway, I probably should not have done it because my knee was already jacked up, but it didn’t involve squatting (much), just lifting and walking (a lot)!

My latest project

My thought was, my hubby wanted the pad made of red brick stones someone had made in the backyard before we moved in gone, and I thought of a great idea! I could use them to adorn my little bed in the front yard, and they would keep the rain from washing the dirt away in the process!

What do you think? 17 trips back and forth, plus 3 white bricks to finish the border. I think I have enough red stones to come up the inside walk, just not until my knee is better. 😉

Soon, I hope to finish filling the bed with plants and big stones, maybe filling in with small rock or mulch after that is done. It previously had jasmine ground cover and bushes which we hated. I wanted to open up the space in case anyone wanted to enjoy sitting out front.

Earlier, when I went to fetch the other plant, I noticed this cluster of mushrooms that had never been there before. What are they, I wondered, and why did they pop up here all of a sudden? I have little shorkies, so I hope they aren’t poisonous. 😊

What are these mushrooms?

Share Your World May 14, 2014

Yea! It’s Monday and I’m better late than never!

Lets get right to it since I’m so late:

1) Complete this sentence: This sandwich could really use some…

I don’t eat bread anymore but when I did, I loved bologna with lots of mayo!

2) What is your least favorite candy?

Don’t eat that anymore either (I make my own) but when I did not much was off limits. I never liked Necco Wafers all that much though, so we’ll go with that. I loved chocolate, sour stuff like shock tarts and sweet tarts (especially the chewy ones), and Jolly Ranchers. It’s no wonder most of my teeth are capped. 🤣

3) What sign are you? Do you believe in Astrology? Yes, but I don’t take it as gospel. There are too many similarities and truths for it to not have merit. I am a Pisces, so is my hubby. I’ve had great loves that were Scorpio, which is in my triangle. My mother was Cancer and we truly had a love/hate relationship, so that’s on point too. I’ve studied up on this stuff most of my life, not all of it’s true but much of it is for me.

4) What did you appreciate or what made you smile this past week?

Deciding to keep the stray we found because she is so cute and full of personality. My family being together for Mother’s Day, getting to see my kids together in one place at the same time is not always easy. That they cared enough to give me stuff this year-the boys just usually call, sometimes I get a card. This year (may have been the girlfriend’s doing) my youngest got me a card and his girl brought me gifts from her trip to Montana. Small, but thoughtful gifts. My middle son’s girl gave me stuffed animals with huge eyes, one actually holds your cell phone! My oldest, who has no girlfriend right now, bought me a card and roses. I’m decidedly blessed! ❤