Back to the Beach

Morning everyone!

I thought I’d share the highlights from our trip to the beach yesterday…sans all the drama that took place before hand. The pictures show a fun day of fishing, Stephen skim boarding, and finally a sea bean (called a hamburger) found by Connie. I caught a shark and three hard heads (but don’t tell anybody) Then Connie found another hamburger last night! Enjoy!

I had to take stills from the videos because security won’t let me post videos. 😡



To Galveston and Beyond!

Evening folks, before I retire for the night, I wanted to update you on how the vacation is going. Sorry I have not been posting the last couple of days, but the pain in my shoulder has been bad enough for three days that I’ve had to take medicine to help me sleep.

We went to Galveston again today for two main reasons. One, to take the kids to Pleasure Pier (an amusement park that replaced the old Flagship Inn) and to go eat dinner at Landry’s. I wish I could show you all the pics I took, and the videos, but I’ll just hit the highlights and maybe you can see the rest on Facebook.

I also forgot to include a cool pic from the first trip over on Monday of a mural that helped us know where we parked. Yesterday was a beach day and I literally spent most of my time sitting among millions of shells looking for a shark tooth. What I got was a small collection of beach glass, which is cool, but not as cool as Connie’s collection. That woman is obsessed! She has enough to cover a table or make some other neat project.

My paltry collection, sans the glass I picked up tonight

We had an amazing dinner, mine was Parmesan crusted shrimp with lump crab over crab orzo….yum! Apps were shrimp cocktail, calamari, and Bubba had 1/2 dozen oysters. I guess they flew them in from Maine or somewhere because we can’t get them here right now.

The kids had fun riding rides at PP even though Stephen is older, he was keeping 15 year old Kaebree company. He looked to be enjoying them as well!

The entrance to Pleasure Pier
This ride flew out over the water which must have been terrifying to the riders!


Selfie of Bubba and I enjoying a beverage at Landry’s
Close to The Strand in Galveston
Miss Kaebree one night relaxing on the balcony

We also made a very short stop to the military park that was Fort Travis, I took a couple of pics and then we left because it was too hot to go through today.

The old military bunker at Ft Travis on Crystal Beach

I will check back soon with the next adventure, we are having such a great time! Good night everyone!

Beach Day One

Today was our first full day in Port Bolivar (Crystal Beach) and as usual, we spent it on the beach, playing in the waves, looking for shells, sea beans, sharks teeth, and sea glass. I should not have been out there fighting the waves with the girls, but I cannot resist the lure, the pull of the ocean.

I took some pictures of Kaebree learning how to boogie board, and of the beautiful view we have as I had my coffee this morning.

This morning’s vie from the beach house.

Now, if it works, Kaebree catching a wave. Well, security reasons do not permit the video. 😔

She took pics of me in the surf. Ugh. I’ll say this, I prefer the front view to the back.

How does a small person like me have such broad shoulders? The phsyque has suffered due to lack of exercise…so naturally I over did it today. Of course I can’t wear my brace in the water but I didn’t wear it at all today, once I got down the stairs and to the beach. Then…I even went out to boogie board myself…several times.

Now I’m sitting on the couch, with my leg up. It’s cranky and swollen and I can hardly walk without it wanting to catch and lock up. I know, but I didn’t want to sit in a chair all day watching everyone else play and get sun and exercise. Btw, getting old is not for the weak. I also have an egg sized knot under my right shoulder blade, I got tense on the drive down.


Can you tell it’s the last weekend before school starts? Packed solid in both directions.

They always have to get a new kite!

Caught a parade of sorts, someone had more fun than he could take, and I caught this adorable little thing, hard at work on ….not sure.

Once we came back, we all got clean and sat down to riblets, Mexican rice and guacamole, which isn’t  bad on pork skins. Everyone is either in bed or reclining except Connie, she went for a walk on the beach!



Crystal Beach-Arrival Day

This account of our vacation to Crystal Beach, Tx is dedicated to my husband who could not be with me this time, due to his procurement of a new job. He will be sorely missed!

We finally arrived after a stressful six hour ride, through storms and an expectation of a time arrival. Well, we didn’t make said deadline, yet everyone lived anyway! 😉

We met up with my brother-in-law and together we made our way to Galveston for the grocery shopping because it is too expensive on Crystal Beach. I stayed and watched the truck, since the bed was filled to the brim with four peoples belongings and my knee is a mess.

Finally, we made it to the ferry…to sit and wait another while longer. We got to our “cabin” around 4:30, unloaded all of our stuff up three flights of stairs and decided to go for a short while to the beach. Kaebre and Connie were ready to dive in but myself, knowing my limits once the brace is off my knee, not to mention, the wind was cool and what if I got wet? I’m a big wuss about being cold, I hate to admit it.

I figured, I have 6 more days to enjoy, I’m sure I will get in the water when it warms up. The day had been overcast and stormy with unseasonable temperatures for August. Soon, we were all hungry and made our way back to start a simple dinner of pork chops, a delicious ready-made salad and Bubba made instant mashed potatoes from a bag (yes, I had a small spoonful). I am also letting my hair down more than usual and enjoying some keto approved tasty beverages…maybe a couple more than you’re supposed to.

The picture does not do the view justice

After dinner and some visiting, I decided to check my emails while the rest of the family went back to walk along the darkened beach. Again, I can’t do the things I usually do, so I will do what I know I’m capable of. While they were gone I watched Great Expectations, put the linens on my bed, and made my keto dessert. I checked my emails and answered my blogger buddies. Then after they got back, I kept Bubba company since Connie and Kaebre retired early. (I can function on very little sleep)

I love our talks because I learn so much about his job and about our family dynamic that I never knew before. Let me just say, some things are gonna change in that respect. Now, I’m finally tired, I have a tension knot behind my right shoulder blade and I think I should get some rest before whatever adventures tomorrow brings. I look forward to meeting my blogger friend Roxy (The Oily Guru) at least one day this week while we are here!

PS: I never figured out how to schedule posts, I may blog a few times about our vacation instead. 😊

Bloggers Need Feedback

Good morning everyone, actually, its fast approaching afternoon. We are finally getting some rain, thanks be to God!!

I want to ask a quick question of all my wonderful readers/followers/audience-however you identify.

Why, for the love of chocolate, won’t you give a girl some feedback? I promise you won’t hurt my feelings.

A few days ago, I posted “While I’m Away” and asked for feedback on the story I included called “Toasted” and no one said a word. Crickets. Which is why I have not set anymore stories to post. Us bloggers need to hear what you all think, so we know if like it, want more, hate it, would rather watch paint dry…you get what I’m saying, right?

I know I’m not the only one who has asked for feedback, and I try to provide it to other bloggers where time permits, but surely out of the 17 people that “liked” the post, one would have some comment or opinion to share. However, no one did.

I’m going to try again, a fellow blogger has been kind enough to show me how to schedule posts, but first I have to figure out how to get the stories from Medium to here to post them each day next week. Wish me luck, if I’m successful, you should see a new story to critique each day.

The other reason feedback is important is so we know what to do to improve. If I am not a good storyteller, I’d rather find that out now so I put my energy elsewhere, or go take a creative writing class, whatever! So do me a favor and please let me know what you think. A like just means you saw and possibly read the post, which is important…don’t get me wrong, but feedback is gold!

Ok, enough of this piffle, back to work! See what I did there? 😉

Thank you in advance! Y’all have a wonderful week and I’ll be checking in from the beach!