Looking For My Groove


Afternoon everyone, it’s a cold yet sunny day here in “the hills” and Dave is off today which means I’m having a hard time concentrating on a single thing.

His mother’s memorial service went very well and I was so thankful. I appreciated all the prayers, supportive words, friends and family that came, and I can honestly say that I am glad it is behind us. Time to move on and start the process of probating her will, selling her house and car, and hopefully find some peace and comfort with that as well. That is why Dave is home, he took today off to meet with a lawyer and get the process started.

I need to get back in the groove with my writing, yet as usual, Mondays always have me a bit shattered, feeling all over the place, and after getting another rejection in my email, questioning what the heck I’m even doing. It seems like the only things that work well for me is writing articles for magazines or content mills, they are the only places that have paid me for my writing so far. I need to go back to planning my writing and using that editorial calendar, it helps so much to plan things out, even if they get changed.

I just don’t have the time or drive to work on my blog like I should, and I want my creative writing endeavors to pay, but I must not be any good at it. Dave being home always throws a wrench in the creative process, I need total quiet to think, plan, and basically make sense of what I’m doing and he is not conducive to that. Love him to death, but I cannot write when he is home. Then, on top of that, the dogs got into something and came into the house smelling foul, so we had to stop what we were doing and go bathe them. We never did figure out what it was. 😦

After talking to Dee at Thriving Not Surviving, I also find myself wanting to work with her on a new collaborative project…hopefully that will also help me get back in the groove. It has been a month or so of periodic posts with no rhyme or reason, a few penned quick reads that either got rejected or haven’t found a home yet, but while I felt like I was taking a break from writing, I really wasn’t. I have it engrained in me to write something every day, even if its just a sentence, or a pile of nonsense, I tried to keep writing something. I kept up my weekly posts in my Medium Chalkboard collaboration also.

In all honesty, I’ve been reluctant to post on my blog because I have not been the best example, I have fallen off the keto wagon, we have both been eating for comfort, and that stops now! (Well, at least down to maybe one cheat day a week) 😉 That is another thing I don’t do well at when he is home, and that is sticking to the plan. Actually, I eat just fine when I’m at home, its when we go out that I cheat and that has been way too often lately. We will both get back in the groove on that as well. When I notice my pants not fitting, that is a problem!

What do you do to find your groove? Share your ideas with me, maybe I can use one (or more)!






WOD-Hope-Feb 12-2019

The Word of the day is Hope

Hoping All Goes Well

This weekend will be the culmination of a month’s work, striving to preserve my mother-in-law’s memory as best we know how. We are hoping all goes well since we have basically put the whole service together ourselves. When you have a funeral, most of the work is done by the funeral home. When someone is cremated, things are a bit different. Dave wrote the obituary and also the eulogy. We chose to have her service at our church, in their chapel. They were kind enough to provide this space for free because we are members of the church.  We took care of choosing the pictures and music for the memory reel, the picture that will be displayed, bought flowers to go next to the urn and picture, secured a pastor (Dave’s cousin) to perform the service, and designed the bulletin. My sister-in-law purchased her urn, a beautiful wooden box with intricate flowers engraved on it’s lid. Our son Chris helped Dave with the technical aspects of moving the music and pictures to files so that everything flows smoothly and is timed correctly. I’m sure it will be a beautiful service that the family will be proud of, and afterwards Dave will have peace knowing he did right by his mother. Maybe then, he can finally sleep. One can only hope.

New Life, New York, & A New Perspective

Totally worth the read by a fellow blogger and son of a former classmate.

Theology Matters


New Life
One morning, my life changed forever. And I knew it would never be the same again.

I got the news that our family was expanding. That my lovely wife was pregnant. That new life had begun.

A flurry of emotions rushed through me. I was overly excited, anxious, happy, nervous, at peace, and scared. Like most prospective fathers, I was simply overwhelmed at the miracle of life that had begun inside my beautiful wife.

In the weeks that followed, we utilized pregnancy apps, books, and websites to track the progress and growth of our new child. We were awestruck at the incredible intricacies of development, even in the earliest stages of life.

At the moment of conception, the child’s sex and all inherited genetic characteristics (eye color, hair color, body type, etc.) are determined. Instantly. Within the first week, the…

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I Found Something New

Good afternoon everyone! I am so excited to share with you this new place I found while looking for paying writing markets.

It’s called Drabblecast and the stories found there are made to be listened to in the form of a podcast, with guest speakers reading and studio created music and sound effects behind the speaker reading the tales. Stories are very different at Drabblecast, ranging from the weird to the downright silly. One needs to have an active imagination, a taste for the strange or magical element, and in some cases, a strong stomach. Stories have titles and numbers like the first one I listened to-#43 Jelly Park, which I haven’t stopped gushing bout since.

To check out a story yourself, go to drabblecast.org and peruse the site for yourself. Start with New to The Drabblecast? and have a look around. The artwork is also submitted, just like the stories and is fantastic. The stories are called episodes and remind me of the old Inner Sanctum and The Shadow radio shows. I may have found a new pastime! I always say I never have enough time to read, but these are short enough, that you could listen to a few a day, if you were so inclined.

An example of the artwork and stories found on Drabblecast

Every podcast starts out with the narrator Norm Sherman introducing the story and a bit about the author. Professional authors like Tim Pratt, Mike Resnick, and Ben H. Winters have appeared on the podcast, I’ve already listened to several different author’s stories told by Tim Pratt. He’s awesome!

The Drabblecast publishes short and flash fiction and is a paying market if you think you want to try your hand at creating speculative fiction, horror, science fiction, or fantasy. They want weird, gross, bizarre, and badass and they publish “Strange Stories for Strange Listeners” so put your eclectic thinking cap on and get busy, like I did! I got so excited at the website itself, and the stories I heard there, that I immediately wanted to be a part of the weirdness. I found the site on Thursday and had my first story written and submitted by today! Wish me luck! Mind you, I am a complete stranger to writing anything like this, yet hearing the stories come to life with strange and/or whimsical sound effects in the background was inspiring, to say the least! Search the submissions page on their site for rules, there aren’t many, I promise. 🙂

Drabblecast takes donations from it’s listeners/readers and pays it’s artists and writers from these donations. If you truly enjoy the podcasts, $10 a month would get you access to the coveted B-Sides feed.

I do hope you check it out for yourself and let me know what you think! Just be aware if listening at night with your earphones, chillbumps and paranoia will ensue!!

Rollercoaster Weather Makes Allergies Activate

For some reason, I had low energy this morning until after my low carb breakfast of Cheddar cheese and summer sausage. Then by the time I left the house and made my way to Claudette’s, it had picked up some. Then the sneezing started. I told myself it was because of all the hair leftover from Paco (her long haired chihuahua), yet as the day wore on and the wind picked up, I had to reluctantly admit it’s probably this crazy weather that has activated my allergies again. Weird, since I’ve been taking allergy meds daily for almost two months now. The high today was 55 and tomorrow morning it will be 28, then by the weekend it will be into the 70’s!!

As soon as I get back into ketosis, I stay cold. It’s 54 outside, 71 inside, and I’m sitting on the couch wrapped in a blanket, my eyes feeling tired…admittedly, there’s a fan on and I’m sitting on the part of the couch that is close to it, but I should not feel this cold. I’m fully dressed! I think it doesn’t take that much for me to get back into ketosis. I had my small breakfast along with my bulletproof coffee, and then I tried the new pepperoni pizza from Real Good with the cauliflower crust (if you saw my blog post today I did a review) and I will have a chicken thigh, salad, and some beans for dinner. I know, beans aren’t Keto, but that’s what we had, and I haven’t had much to eat today, so I will be ok.

I am trying to get back on track since I’ve been giving in to comfort this past couple of months. Like the crazy weather, my diet has been on a crazy rollercoaster as well. Still and all, I only gained about 9 lbs, but that even shows on my small frame. (I’m 4’9” for those who don’t know me) and I even had to go buy new pants, a size up mind you. 😡 I just have not had the willpower I normally do, but as things slowly get back to normal, I’m hoping to get control of myself again.

Well, I got off the subject for a second there, but let me just say I’m glad I don’t live in the Midwest right now! Several degrees below 0 is unthinkable for this Texas girl! I guess I’d rather deal with allergies!