The word of the day is conceit and was given to us by Dee over at Thriving not Surviving.

Pride and Ego



Validating her worth, she checks her reflection

Adoring the sight she beholds

Narcissistic tendencies, megalomania

Idolizing every inch as though she held the key

Trophy-something to be admired, is what she dreams to be

Youth has escaped her, het her mind persists


This is an acrostic poem I did for Medium on the subject of Vanity…I thought it kind of fit.



Rejection, A Horror Story

For those who may not have seen this last year, it’s the month for something scary (which rejection is) so, here ya go! Hope you enjoy. 🙂


Rejection, A Horror Story
by Kimberly Smyth

I was working at my desk late one night
Across my email came a dreadful sight
“Rejected Again!” The nasty thing said,
Actually, “We regret to inform you” instead
I hung my head in utter shame,
Outside the wind howled in the driving rain.
Lightning struck and thunder shook,
How will I ever write a book?
I thought as I pondered the cause
Number ten rejection I believe this was,
A blow to my ego, simply because
I’ve been trying so hard, has my talent fled?
Have I never had it at all
My conscious said.
This was just an essay, I’ve penned many of those
It shouldn’t have failed, not exactly prose.
If I can’t pass this easy test
No way I’ll ever become the best
At writing a book or a novel so well
All these rejections have put me through Hell.
Again and again, how much can one take?
This last one I got really took the cake.
An emotional story about my mother,
Rejected, just like all of the others.
Outside the storm continued to rage,
As I sat there in my four-walled cage.
The room where the “magic” is supposed to happen
Nothing like that, just another rejection.
I erased the email so fast I forgot
Just which pub this letter was from, it mattered not
I was about to get numb
To this feeling I thought as I put it to bed
And off I went to search my head
There must be an answer or clue I am missing,
Suddenly my husband I was kissing,
He told me it would surely get better
Next time I’d get an acceptance letter
“You really think so,” I asked through my tears
“Of course, you’ve been writing for all of these years!”
He said and I calmed for just the time being.
Inside I was really falling apart
These editors have stuck a knife in my heart,
They are all monsters I thought with a start.
They’re out to get me, that’s the truth of it,
Now I was so mad I could spit.
No way will they make this writer quit.
In the morning I’ll start with a tale to regale,
It will be great, my ship has not sailed.
So I set about writing a most epic story,
Soon I thought maybe I’ll see all the glory.
I worked night and day and I sent the thing off
Surely the editors this time will not scoff.
Instead of fresh hell this one will be heaven,
Yet about one month later, came number eleven.


Kim Smyth is a freelance writer/blogger living in the DFW metroplex with her hubby Dave and two adorable Shorkies, Whiskey and Brandy. Visit her at her blog Keto For Beginners where she dishes on most anything but specializes in alternative health.


The word of the day is Fathom and is brought to you by Dee over at Thriving Not Surviving.

The New Beginning

Photo credit: Wikipedia
Season 9 promo poster

Those of you that follow me know that I’m a huge fan of the show The Walking Dead. Last night started the supposed final season, season 9-A New Beginning in which the survivors of the apocalypse are moving forward in their quest for a new world. One without zombies (walkers), Saviors (the bad guys), and lawlessness. They are growing things at the Hilltop camp, and one can only assume that lack of supplies and growth of new food means they would fit in perfectly with my Keto lifestyle, lol. The survivors are lead at the moment by Rick Grimes but rumor has it that he will be leaving this season. Well, my comment is if it’s the final season, won’t they all be leaving???

You cannot even fathom the surprises the producers have in mind for this season. The head bad guy, Negan, is locked up but not forgotten. He will be part of the season as well as all your favorite characters, Daryl Dixon, Maggie Rhee, Michonne, and Carol. It only makes sense that if a new community is evolving, rebuilding, and growing, clashes of personalities, will happen, as well as the continued fight against the “walkers” and some new dead ones called Whisperers. Season 9 is shaping up to be quite interesting, I only wish I was a fan of the original comic so I had a clue of what was to come. I am just enjoying the surprise that hits me every time I watch a recorded not-to-be-missed episode.


Convalescing With Furbabies

As some of you already know, I got food poisoning on Wednesday, or at least, that’s when it hit me. I have no idea where I picked it up, since Tuesday I visited a salad bar that we go to frequently, Wednesday Dad and I went to a Chinese buffet. Those places we go twice a month or so and have never had a problem. Wednesday night I made home made green curry and my chicken had been on the counter thawing from a frozen state for 7 hours, yet Dave at it also with no problem.

It was a long night and in between bathroom trips I froze to the point of needing extra blankets on the guest room bed, then I swore I sweated it out. Dave never even woke up. I was glad he didn’t get sick as well, but puzzled as to where I got it from.

Another thing that happened on Tuesday was that I went to the medical clinic for a physical. Could I have picked up a bug there just as easily? Don’t see why not. Had to go back on Friday for the lab work part, so I saw the nurse practitioner again and told her what I’d been through. She added an amylase to my blood work, and they gave me a flu test which I was negative for.

Whiskey and Callie napping happily
Callie needs to learn how to relax!
Her tongue is sticking out!

Since then, I’ve been mainly hanging out on the couch, with my trusty fur babies by my side, taking turns warming my feet. Dave has tried to help me as much as possible, making or buying me whatever food sounded good, mostly soup and crackers, and taking care of the cooking and helping with the laundry.

Here it is Sunday and I woke up still feeling yuk. It dawned on me that I’d not “gone” since Wednesday, so with a little help from my friend Epsom salts, I got moving again and I’m hoping to be right as the mail by tomorrow! I know one thing my friends, I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy!

Laundry and Writing in the Rain

My soggy back yard and cloudy sky

Morning everyone, how are you on this dark and somewhat soggy day? It’s cooler here too today, only 67 right now! Today is a catch-up day, I’ve spent the beginning of the week pretty much taking family where they need to go…so today I’m hoping to get my blog on, write an enthralling story or two, and get a couple of loads of laundry done before noon when Dad and I go to lunch. After lunch we usually get done whatever he needs done and settle in for an afternoon of marathon pool playing, this exercise also gives him practice speaking because we are having him call his shots out loud. Today will be a nice day for that as well. We can open the blinds and not have the sun in our eyes from the neighbor’s cars.

He (my dad) graduated from speech therapy Monday, as she feels he has all the necessary tools in his toolbox, now it’s up to us as his family to make time to talk to him daily in some way, whether it’s face-to-face, or FaceTime on the phone, he needs the practice of speaking. He has Parkinson’s Syndrome which makes his throat muscles tight. There is a lot to it, basically if he thinks to breath before he starts talking, and does some basic warm-up exercises daily, it will keep his voice and the muscles around his vocal chords more relaxed and his voice will not be so strained. The sad news is that it will never change, he will always have to think about speaking before he does it. At least now we all know some techniques to help him.

Claudette, my mother-in-law, had her second, albeit not as strong, round of CHOP chemotherapy yesterday. Say a prayer please that this one does not knock the wind out of her sails as bad as the first one did. She was so weak and felt so bad, the doctor gave her an additional week off before doing this half-strength version he did yesterday. She needs to drink lots of water and eat better to hope to feel better with this round also. Her hair is falling out, luckily we were prepared and she has a darling wig that fits her to a T! I try to do my best to make sure she gets what she needs around the house, and try to take her to her appointments. She is a tough cookie, rarely asking for help and prides herself on being independent.

Say a prayer for both of these fine folks, they mean the world to me and my husband! Enjoy your day no matter the weather, here’s a toast (with my coffee) to today being a productive, exciting day!

Yesterday, I also took my kitty Callie to be spayed. She is doing very well, maybe because she is so young, eating normally and trying to escape the bathroom. They said I needed to keep her there for a few days to keep the dogs from bothering her, she hates being cooped up as she is a people cat. Maybe I will move her to the bedroom for the day so she can at least look out the window.

Callie comfy in the sink the other day.

Oh, it’s sweeps week! What new shows (if you watch TV) are you into? I might have to take a few moments at some point later today to watch This Is Us, the most anticipated of the shows I like. I recorded it last night so I would not miss other new shows I wanted to see like New Amsterdam, NCIS, and the new one-FBI…they were ALL good. I’m also looking forward to the new seasons of Grey’s Anatomy, Survivor, and (don’t hate me here) American Horror Story. I know, I watch waaaaay too much TV, but that’s what I like to do at night. Have a great day!